RUH swarming may have been youth playing hide-and-seek

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SASKATOON – Three nurses who encountered a frightening incident after a shift at a Saskatoon hospital may have come across a youth group playing a game. The nurses were walking back to their vehicles from Royal University Hospital when they were swarmed by group of five or six men dressed in dark clothing.

The women ran to the closest vehicle and reported the incident to University of Saskatchewan campus security and hospital security.

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Saskatoon police said there’s a strong possibility it was a youth organization playing a Mission Impossible type of hide-and-seek game.

However, they added the women reacted properly, and the Saskatoon Health Region is reminding people there are safe options for getting back to your vehicle.

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“If it’s late and you’re afraid of going to the parkade, they can actually walk you to your vehicle at the parkade,” said RUH site leader Luiza Kent-Smith.

“If it’s parked close by, they can walk you to your vehicle close by. If it’s a little further like where the three nurses were parked, they can take you there in the security vehicle.”

A security alert is being fanned out to all staff members in the health region.


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