Party leaders aim to build on momentum from French-language debate

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OTTAWA – The main party leaders go their separate ways today, trying to build on any momentum they attained in the French-language debate Thursday night in Montreal.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has a busy day ahead as he seeks to shore up what polls suggest could be flagging support in Quebec. He begins the day in Sainte-Catherine-de-Jacques-Cartier in a riding the New Democrats stole from an Independent in 2011.

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Mulcair will also visit the mayor of Quebec City before holding a rally in another riding the NDP took in 2011 from the Bloc Quebecois but has also been swung between the Conservatives and Liberals in recent decades.

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Stephen Harper will remain in Quebec today to target a riding the Conservatives lost in 2011 by a mere nine votes after a recount.

The Montmagny-L’Islet-Kamouraska-Riviere-du-Loup seat was one of several that went NDP as the orange wave swept the province in the last election.

New Democrat Francois LaPointe took the riding from Conservative Bernard Genereux, who had won it less than two years prior in a byelection. Both of them are vying for the seat again.

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Before that the riding had been held by the Bloc Quebecois, so it will be a closely watched race.

The Conservatives were knocked down in 2011 to just five seats in Quebec, but polls suggest Tory momentum could be building there, so Harper will be looking to capitalize on his debate performance to secure Quebec votes.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will be in Brampton, Ont., to make an announcement, while Green Leader Elizabeth May meets with the media in Montreal.


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