Oklahoma man uses backward half-court shot talent to raise kidney donation awareness

Posted on: August 30th, 2019 by
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An Oklahoma man is using his talent of making shots while standing backwards at half-court to raise awareness for kidney donation.

It’s called #Quinning4Kidneys, and for 30 days the man behind the awareness campaign, Clay Quinn, hopes to raise enough money and support for the cause that hits close to home.

Quinn’s dad has type one diabetes.

“We’ve know for a long time that he was going to need a kidney transparent,” Quinn told News 9.

Luckily for Quinn’s dad, his wife was the perfect match. But not everyone gets so lucky. That’s where Quinn’s “uncannily skill” comes into play.

Quinn pledges to sink a basket every day for a month. But it’s not an easy win for him. Sometimes it takes Quinn up to 40 tries before he scores, truly making you appreciate the struggle he goes through day after day for a single shot of glory.

To make it fun, Quinn changes his appearance every time he hits the court.

“I try to give it like a different theme or idea every day,” Quinn told News 9.

He’s been a football player, ninja and cowboy, just to name a few looks.

So far, #Quinning4Kidneys has beaten the fundraising goal of $10,000 with $12,500 raised to date. All proceeds will go to the National Kidney Foundation.

“Hopefully it will pick up and it will catch on a national scale and the donations… we’ll just quadruple it.”

Until the 30 days are complete, Quinn will be back on the court, ready, and hoping, to make a slam-dunking difference in the lives of many.



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