Fruit Stand Bandits strike again

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RCMP are investigating after a rash of recent break-ins to fruit stands.

At least four produce stands in the Keremeos area have been burglarized in the past month.

The latest happened at about 2:45 Thursday morning at Harker’s Fruit Stand.

Susan Frasch knows how frustrating and costly it is.

She and her husband operate Bear’s Fruit Stand.

Last month thieves pryed open the locks to get inside.

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“This person had cut power to the main breaker and was probably still in the building when my husband first came in, ” says Frasch.

Frasch had surveillance cameras but no battery backup so the camera’s didn’t record who was in her store. She has since purchased a battery backup.

It’s the same story for another fruit stand operator in the area. Sunny Lasser was also robbed.

“In the middle of the night someone had a crowbar and opened the back doors,” says Lasser.

Lasser didn’t have a security system at the time but he does now. He says thieves made off with some candy and produce and several hundred dollars in cash.

RCMP are investigating and want to hear from anyone who may have been on Highway 3, Near Harker’s, very early on Thursday morning.

So far Police can’t say whether the break-ins are related but Lasser, and Susan Frasch are convinced they are.

They say all the break-ins seem to be at 2 or 3 in the morning when RCMP are not on routine patrol and all of them involve prying open the locks to get inside.

“I think it’s an organized group that are scouting places that are vulnerable and maybe aren’t being watched,” Says Frasch

RCMP want to speak with anyone who may have information about the break-ins. If you know something, you’re asked to call crimestoppers.

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