Frankie MacDonald, weather celeb, enjoying “worldwide” popularity

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SYDNEY, NS – In a short time, Frankie MacDonald of Whitney Pier has become known around the world through social media for his enthusiastic weather videos.

Frankie lives with autism, but he’s never let that prevent him from pursuing his passion for weather. He started posting weather videos six years ago and his following skyrocketed. He usually gets 300,000 views or more on each weather report.

“People of Nova Scotia, be prepared,” Frankie shouts in one of his Youtube videos.

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That’s what it’s all about, he wants people to be prepared for storms and other bad weather.

“Before I start to do my videos I look up Accuweather苏州纹眉, the weather channel.” and the list goes on. The 31-year-old has always had an interest in weather.

“When I was a little boy I wanted to grow up to be a weatherman,” says Frankie.

Frankie works part-time at the Mayflower Mall in Sydney and knows a lot of people. He constantly drops in on his days off to see lifetime friends, who can’t believe how popular he’s become.

“His comedy videos are funny,” says Corey Campbell, who went to school with Frankie. “We watch them at home with my son all the time. My sons a big fan and he’s only six.”

“It’s extraordinary. It’s awesome. He’s a very nice guy. He’s well-known around the public. He always has been a friend of mine,” another life-long friend, Rodney Best said.

Total strangers approach him daily and ask for selfies with Frankie.

“He’s funny man. He keeps us updated on what’s going on,” says Ian Kaulbach from Bridgewater.

“I saw Frankie’s stuff online. Friends have been passing it around and now the guy, he’s worldwide,” Chris MacDougall said.

“People are so excited to see such a great figure and what he’s doing is really great,” said Hailee Slade.

His uncle Shawn MacDonald, says Frankie’s popularity is mind boggling. “Even the people coming on the cruise ships want to get selfie’s with him and they say can I shake your hand.”

MacDonald has branched out. He now does dancing videos and comedy videos as well.

“He’s got almost a perfect photographic memory. If you named a street in Thunder Bay he could tell you every street that’s adjacent to it,” said Shawn.

The Lost Cod Clothing Company in Halifax has been printing T-shirts of MacDonald’s slogan ‘Frankie says be Prepared’ with Frankie’s permission, and that’s not all.

“They’re making Frankie MacDonald bobble heads,” says Frankie. “It’s not available yet on Bobble Heads Canada. And there is a guy down in Texas making Frankie MacDonald action figures and Frankie MacDonald dolls.”


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