Feeling lucky? There’s a record Lotto Max jackpot up for grabs

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EDMONTON – The odds of winning haven’t improved, but lotto dreamers are flocking to kiosks thanks to a record-setting jackpot.

This week, the Lotto Max grand prize has reached $60 million.

Friday’s draw will lead to the second largest lotto prize in Canadian history after a $63.4 million Lotto 6/49 draw in April, 2013.

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That jackpot means lineups.

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Barrie Westerhaug works at the lottery kiosk in Edmonton’s Southgate Centre. He says sales have been brisk.

“Lineups have been 10 deep on that side and 10 deep on that side.”

The kiosk has two cash registers and both have been staffed for the expected glut of lotto hopefuls. And, the dreamers have come.

Some, like Glenda Orr, have never played before. When the jackpot hit new heights, Orr felt it was time to start.

“I might win. I’m just crossing my fingers and I might get lucky because I’m a non-gambler,” said Orr.

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Many others only buy tickets for these big jackpots. In fact, they say the bigger, the better.

David Van De Vliert says he’s “not a big lottery guy, but when you get this kind of number, you can make a difference in so many people’s lives even if you share it with 10 or 15 people.”

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In July, the group of lottery corporations that oversees Lotto Max decided to change the maximum prize.

Prior to the change, the largest possible jackpot was $50 million. That cap had been in place for six years.

“We decided it was time to change it up a little bit, add some interest for our customers,” said Andrea Marantz with the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. “And this seemed like a good way to make a change.”

This week is the first time the prize reached the new cap and Marantz says sales across the country have been lively.

On top of the grand prize, lotto hopefuls could also win one of 25 MaxMillion prizes of $1 million each.


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