Coalition says Sask. government has no business in selling liquor

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REGINA – With the province in the midst of developing a new policy for liquor sales, a coalition of groups are calling for an equal playing field.

“From the taxpayer’s point of view, we don’t think the government should be involved in selling liquor. They’re not very good at it, so give up already,” said Todd MacKay, the Prairie Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF).

CTF along with Restaurants Canada and the Saskatchewan Hotels and Hospitality Association are launching a petition.

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They made the announcement at a local Brewpub in downtown Regina.

The coalition is hoping to sway the province for fairness in pricing, selection and regulation for all liquor retailers, including rural franchises, off-sales, full-line private stores and government stores.

They say the current system is broken and that a new one is needed.

“In an ideal world the Alberta model would be our first choice. But it really comes down to that fairness and equality in pricing. And if government stores are going to continue then fine, but what we’re looking for is a level playing field on pricing,” said Dwayne Marling, VP for Restaurants Canada Manitoba-Saskatchewan.

The group says their preference for an Alberta style free-market system will result in customers being the big winners.

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