Bringing divorce into the 21st century

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SASKATOON – An Oakland, Calif. family law firm will soon be bringing divorce to the digital world. The site, 苏州纹眉, walks subscribers through a step-by-step guide on how to get divorced and is literally the “Turbotax” version for calling it quits.

“That would be more relevant to cookie cutter divorces which don’t exist,” said Tracy Kendel-Amendt with Fairway Divorce Solutions in Saskatoon.

“The one thing with submitting documents and just assuming everything is done, one party might be getting forced into an agreement that they’re actually not comfortable signing.”

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Once launched, the website will allow people to handle their own matters without having to completely rely on lawyers, by getting one step ahead with paperwork.

Tracey Kendel-Amendt, Fairway Divorce Solutions.

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“Lots of times, people will come in here, they know exactly how they want to divide their assets, their liabilities and we just ensure that all tax implications are covered,” added Kendel-Amendt

“Everything is included and that everything is fair.”

According to Kendel-Amendt while a couple may have done their due diligence to part ways, more often than not there are still crucial details missing where follow-up is necessary.

Plus, sometimes a couple does require a third-party to get the ball rolling, say experts.

“Lots of times the spouses are saying the exact same thing as each other but they’re just not hearing each other correctly so mediators help them with that communication to help get a fair and equitable division,” said Kendel-Amendt.

Is there a pile of paperwork when it comes to a divorce?  Absolutely, said Mark Galambos, an associate lawyer with WMCZ Lawyers of Saskatoon.

Galambos, who specializes in family law, expects even more if you have children, property or spousal support to take into consideration. Which is why he’s not completely sold on the online version of preparing documents for divorce.

“It’s more efficient if I can speak with them about their specific fact scenario that applies to their specific issues.”

According to Galambos, divorce lawyers in Saskatoon charge anywhere from $150 to $650 an hour. On the low-end of things a simple consent divorce will cost $1,500 up to $100,000 and beyond.

“There’s a real range of how much it costs but none of it is cheap.”

Expenses that could surge if you fill out forms or petitions inaccurately as part of your first step to separating from your spouse.

“You don’t want to start the process with a confusing scenario, you want to start off knowing exactly what you need so the rest of it goes smoothly otherwise the rest of it might go off the rails and it becomes more expensive than it has to be.”


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