Breakfast Buzz: Should the legal smoking age be changed in Sask.?

Posted on: September 26th, 2018 by
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SASKATOON – A town in Ohio is taking a major stance in order to curb teen smoking. Those under the age of 21 in Grandview Heights, Ohio, will no longer be able to buy tobacco products, and could face misdemeanour charges if they are caught smoking.

Other cities and states have made it illegal to sell cigarettes to those under 21, but Granview Heights will be the first to also cite the user.

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The ban also extends to other forms of nicotine, such as oils and vapor with e-cigarettes, where there has been an increase in usage in the past two years.

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The move to change the legal age for use of tobacco products is based on research shows that the older someone is when they have their first puff of tobacco; the less likely they are to continue the habit.

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