7 animal videos to watch this weekend

Posted on: September 26th, 2018 by
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What better way to enjoy your weekend than with a roundup of some of the best animal videos the Internet has offered up this week?

“Pizza rat” became an Internet hero on Monday after dragging an entire slice of pizza down the steps of a New York City subway station. But that’s not the only rodent in the Big Apple with surprising strength, determination and appreciation of a good snack.

WATCH: #PizzaRat joins NYC rat hall of fame. But he’s not the first NYC rat to make headlines. Jenny Sung explains.

“Milkshake squirrel” was made famous the next day after Mashable posted a video of it rifling through the garbage, pulling out the remnants of a chocolate shake, and slurping up the sloppy seconds.

Mildred the pug’s standards are a little higher. She’s set her sights on the White House. Her “campaign video” was released on Wednesday.

But it’s this four-month-old golden retriever who might be more suited for office (at least if personal hygiene were a deciding factor). Every day, Brady “climbs into the shower on his own, plays in the water, gets out, dries himself with a towel, and then takes a nap.”

Babies and pets are always a winning combination. This video of an 11-month-old trying to take an 80-pound bulldog for a walk earned nearly 100,000 views in three days this week.

Another cute encounter between a beagle and a baby meeting for the first time went viral this month with almost 700,000 views.

Last but not least, the world’s oldest male panda turned 30 this week. And who doesn’t love pandas?



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